Monday, January 30, 2012

buried in projects.

Heyo, how's it hanging? Everyone have a good weekend? Awesome, me too. Although I'll have to admit it wasn't as productive as I hoped. Probably something to do with over serving myself on Saturday night. Urgh.

I did however, get a sense of just how cut throat I am when it comes to cleaning out other people's closet. I'm worse than Simon Cowell back when American Idol was entertaining. Absolutely ruthless. I laugh, I throw away, I make you give it up... I don't know what comes over me. So if you have thick skin, are in desperate need of a closet cleansing and willing to sign a piece of paper that confirms we'll stay friends when it's all over, I'm your gal. I'll even come up with some new outfits you can add to your arsenal of awesomeness.
On top of being mean sometimes, I'm knee deep in a few painting projects I can't wait to share with you. Later. They've prevented me from doing this week's Moodboard Monday which I'm actually thinking about switching to Tuesday even though it doesn't sound as good. I'm finally ready to admit that Sunday is, in fact, my "lazy day" and I'd rather stick a fork in my eyeball than actually accomplish anything besides watching TV, eating and playing Sudoku. While I absolutely despise the fact that I'm pushing something back because I'm such a slug, I realize I need to buck up and get real with it. Plus, I can't continue to come up with an excuse every Monday on why my Monday Moodboard isn't done on time. I'm an awful liar and not that imaginative.

So since I don't really have anything to share on this blog, I thought I'd push you over to some other ones that do. Happy Monday and make it a great week!

1. A ridiculously adorable little girl's room on style files. Seriously, this big girl wants one for herself.

2. A delicate and dainty Lauren Moffatt collection on more design please.

3. A top knot spectacular courtesy of tulip louise. Jen, this is what we were talking about!

4. The basket I want to make for pup's toys on design sponge. Of course I'll probably jazz it up a little bit.

5. An Est Magazine sneak preview on desire to inspire. Of course I'm in love - it's the Scandinavian edition.

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