Monday, June 16, 2014

4/100: a casual summer outfit idea fit for a ballgame.

Nothing says "it's summer" like going to a ballgame. Peanuts, beer in a plastic cup, boys in tight pants... it all works for me. As long as I'm appropriately dressed:
  • Loose tops. Remember you'll be sitting on plastic fold out seats for majority of the game so think ahead and avoid the sweat marks.
  • Hair up. Nothing ruins a mood like heat rash from your hair being down.
  • Polarized sunglasses. That ball is tiny from far away!
  • Don't wear white shoes. Someone will step on your shoe at some point in time no matter how careful you are. Trust me.
  • Do not wear a dress. For no other reason than you'll look like an amateur.

tip: Always think about your tan lines. Slather on the SPF and choose a tank with thinner straps so you can keep wearing your summer clothes without having to worry about hiding horrible tan lines.

Friday, June 13, 2014

3/100: a classic outfit idea with a twist.

This photo was really pretty, but really tough to translate. The vibrant colors of the flowers are what catches my attention at first glance and, the primary reason I snapped the shot. Then, after cruising Topshop for reasons other than this blog post (!!), I found the perfect orange midi skirt to design an outfit around.

I loved the texture and bright color, wanting to keep as the focal point of the look. Adding pastels helped accomplish that, opting for a crop top to modernize the silhouette. The deep purple sandals rounded out the outfit - making it perfect summer outfit that can go from day to night with a smoky eye.

tip: Pair a bright, warm color with a paler, cool one to keep the look from being too much. Balance the outfit with accessories that mix vibrant and subdued hues. And finally, head to the opposite side of the color wheel to make sure the look has enough contrast.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2/100 days of sunshine: garden inspired living room decor.

While parking at work today, this fence and overgrown greenery caught my eye. I love the horizontal planking with muted coloring and defined wood grain. The bright greenery adds a fresh and vibrant contrast which is what I tried to do with the bold, graphic pillows in this living room idea. Balancing the chunky wood coffee table with metal and bamboo components keeps the space looking airy and whimsical. I also added a textured lamp to create visual interest without drawing too much attention away from the planked coffee table centerpiece. 

This living room design makes me want to kick back, relax and pour a cup of Earl Grey. Or gossip with my girlfriends over a few Pimm's. DELISH!

tip: Don't stress about pillows matching exactly. Find a few colors in common, a similar subject (in this case birds) and they'll compliment without being identical. 

BONUS: These pillows also happen to be reversible so flip them over when you need a change.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1/100 days of sunshine: a warm and inviting dining room design.

I took this picture of my next door neighbor's Japenese Maple tree because I was immediately drawn to the color. I especially liked the way the shaded area, deep red and golden tones compliment each other in a way that was perfect to model a dining room idea after. The lightness of the photo is central to the overall composition which is exactly what I tried to do with the table centerpiece.

tip: Anchor a long dining table by using fabric chairs that have carry more weight. Fill the rest of the space with chairs that take up less space to keep the furniture arrangement from looking too clunky.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The 100 days of sunshine challenge: home decorating and fashion inspiration.

To end the 3 month long hiatus, I've decided to put myself to a 100 day challenge like everyone in the social media world. I think it will be a great stamina builder and inspirational way to sit back and enjoy the Sacramento sunshine. For those that don't know, Sacramento is the sunniest place on Earth for months June through August. It's hot, there isn't a cloud in the sky and it never. ever. rains.

To celebrate, I'm going Roald Dahl on everyone, watching with glittering eyes for home decorating and fashion inspiration in the Sacramento sunshine. It's my way of kicking off the summer while collecting some great ideas along the way.