Friday, June 13, 2014

3/100: a classic outfit idea with a twist.

This photo was really pretty, but really tough to translate. The vibrant colors of the flowers are what catches my attention at first glance and, the primary reason I snapped the shot. Then, after cruising Topshop for reasons other than this blog post (!!), I found the perfect orange midi skirt to design an outfit around.

I loved the texture and bright color, wanting to keep as the focal point of the look. Adding pastels helped accomplish that, opting for a crop top to modernize the silhouette. The deep purple sandals rounded out the outfit - making it perfect summer outfit that can go from day to night with a smoky eye.

tip: Pair a bright, warm color with a paler, cool one to keep the look from being too much. Balance the outfit with accessories that mix vibrant and subdued hues. And finally, head to the opposite side of the color wheel to make sure the look has enough contrast.


  1. Finding coats long enough to cover dresses is tough. Because of how structured and classic a pea coat is, it will look just fine worn over a winter cocktail dress and tights if you're in a pinch.

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