Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1/100 days of sunshine: a warm and inviting dining room design.

I took this picture of my next door neighbor's Japenese Maple tree because I was immediately drawn to the color. I especially liked the way the shaded area, deep red and golden tones compliment each other in a way that was perfect to model a dining room idea after. The lightness of the photo is central to the overall composition which is exactly what I tried to do with the table centerpiece.

tip: Anchor a long dining table by using fabric chairs that have carry more weight. Fill the rest of the space with chairs that take up less space to keep the furniture arrangement from looking too clunky.


  1. Anyone will love to dine in that kind of place. Hope my living room was like that too.

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  3. Very Nice designs. love the chair. Thank you for sharing.
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