Tuesday, January 31, 2012

moodboard tuesday: hamptons home

This moodboard is for my mom. A while back, I mentioned my parents' search for a vacation home in Orlando. My mom is hoping to reuse what she can, keeping the design simple, eclectic and comfortable. I suggested a Hamptons-style space full of weathered fabrics, worn paint and neutral patterns.
For the record, I'm pretending my parents don't have a budget because it's way more fun that way. In reality, I'm guessing my mom will figure out a way to pull the same look off without breaking the bank.

The color
Neutral colors with various patterns will keep the space feeling fresh, relaxed and comfortable. Layering will help add texture the space without adding warmth. Accent colors would be displayed in lamps, pillows and a feature piece of furniture like the TV console (actually a buffet). It makes the space feel a little more eclectic and less predictable than color coming from fabrics.

CHALLENGE: Try adding color in your home through accessories like a side table, shelving or even a bookcase. Make sure it's something you'd like to feature and watch the room start to come together around it!

The furniture
A sofa table would be used in replace of the side table, tying the dining room and living room together without adding more bulk to the sides of the sectional. Furniture style would be sleek yet rustic, playing off the geometric patterns of the fabric while keeping the space feeling lived-in and inviting.

The accessories
With this being a vacation home, accessories will likely be minimal and very sparse to prevent frequent dusting. Instead, large vintage-looking decor was chosen to add visual interest, fit in with the rest of the decor and, again, make the space feel like it has a history.

The sources
sectional sofa: crate and barrel
throw pillows: west elm
rug: ikea
coffee table: world market
sofa table: world market
tv console: the lady peacock via etsy
spheres: west elm
curtains: crate and barrel
lamps: pottery barn


  1. I love it! Those spheres make me want to do a happy dance!

  2. I love everything!!! Now I just need to start crossing things off my list.