Friday, January 27, 2012

a lonely closet.

Today I have a little story about a closet. My closet which, to be honest, is becoming less inspiring by the minute. And for the record, I never thought I'd say that about the space I probably hold closest to my heart.

Pre-operation get out of debt, my closet was living the high life. Screw what the kitchen looks like Mr. Landlord, tell me about the closet space. New clothes were getting tossed in there on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Need a new outfit for a special occasion? Can't find a necklace that will work with that neckline? Just hop into my magical closet and watch all your wardrobe woes disappear. New shoes, new sweaters, a new shirt that would probably never get worn. It was all in there. Decadent. Over the top. Completely irresponsible.

Truth be told however, I very rarely had an issue with what to wear. And, when I did, I would just hop in my little car and head on over to the mall for a quick fix. Yes, clothes were my crack. And I was constantly on a soft cloud made of cotton tees and silk blouses.

Enter gigantic credit card bill. What?!?! You have to pay that all back? How much did I spend this month? A little debt spillage to next month here, a little spillage there and boom I was in way over my perfectly accessorized head.

These days, I very rarely hit the streets for new garb. In fact, the last time I bought something was a $5 hoodie, a $5 work cardigan and a $2 striped henley at Gabriel Brothers. Before that was Christmas and before that was my dress for my company's holiday party. It's been tough times for la closet de Kate and it continues to feel the burn on a daily basis.

What should I wear today, closet?


Anything in there?

So while I'm busy getting out of this self-inflicted debt (almost done!), here are some outfits I wish I could put in my closet as the new and responsible me kindly declines the urge to actually purchase. Sorry for your misfortune closet but mark my words, I WILL find something in you to mimic these looks. Sometimes it's the pity parties you throw for your closet that gets your crafting butt back in gear :)

via wendy's lookbook (love her!)

via topshop


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