Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mismatched tables.

After working through Michelle's living room moodboard, I got to thinking about mismatched side tables. I like 'em. A lot. They're capable of keeping a space casual and mixing multiple styles all at once. I've been experimenting with the look using a few options I've collected over the years and something still doesn't feel quite right.

The first table I LOVE. It has a marble top and pillar bottom that used to be a gross brold (that's brown-gold). I spray painted it a glossy white and absolutely adore how it highlights all of the detailing of the piece. I literally made my parents stop in the middle of the road so I could grab it off the curb on the way back from a family friend's engagement party. Yes, Jim was there and no, not a single person in the car flinched at my request. What a crew.

The second option is what doesn't seem to be working. Here are the two options I've been toying around with. Aside from the obvious frame lamp shade swaps this corner desperately needs, I'm still not convinced either table is the right fit for the space. 

The first is one of my grandma's old nightstands from when my mom was little girl. It could use a little elbow grease and a new pull but I think the piece is a great size, has clean lines and a mid century-ish shape to it. Obvs it has some sentimental value attached to it but I'm trying not to base my final decision on that. 

The second is a rattan cube I actually scored from Wal-Mart a grillion years ago. I love the boxiness and insta-texture it brings to any space but get nervous it comes off too rustic for the look I'm going for. 

What do you think?

There is one other option that I'm still thinking through that involves replacing the side table with a shorter bookcase I currently have on the opposite wall. It's your basic, pine/oak/maple, 4-shelf bookcase built by my grandpa and would look fantastically chic painted white. Maybe with the cracked texture. I love rooms that use unexpected objects as side tables but I'm not sure the size would be right for the space.

I'll keep you posted on the living room progress but for now, here are some rooms that have the mismatched tables down perfectly. The key is to focus on style and shape - making sure they're complimentary vs. the exact replica.

Do you have any mismatched side tables in your home? If not, try mixing things up a bit - maybe switching out one side table with one of a different size, shape or color. Or better yet, try replacing with a potted plant or a tripod lamp. Not every side of every piece of furniture needs to be anchored by a table.

If you're already ahead of the curve or assembled a layout you can't stop staring at, please send along so I can gather some more ideas and feature! kantoskeatgmaildotcom.


  1. Any of those combos would look fantastic I think! The little side table is really neat, but bonus points for having sentimental value.

  2. I think they all look great, not "mismatched" at all. I think if YOU like it then it's not mismatched. Just my opinion :)

  3. Very good point! I was actually referring to mismatched as being a good thing and I think I'm sticking with my grandma's. At least for now :)