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twelve days of christmas: day seven

Coming to you a little late but I think it's worth it. And, don't fret, I'll be posting day eight later on today.

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Seven fashion must-haves.

These can be taken as either present ideas for someone else, or present ideas for yourself. Either way these are what I consider the essentials for every winter wardrobe. And no, there aren't any little black dresses, leggings, cardigans, white oxfords or tagless tees included. You should know better then to not have these in your closet at all times.

1. sweater vest
I am a little out of control about vests. I actually try to wear one with every single outfit I put together. They're great for adding layer without added bulk, add some serious prep to an ensemble and are generally flattering on all shapes and sizes. A sweater vest keeps things cozy for the winter and looks great when paired with a blazer for extra warmth.

2. colored jeans
Colored jeans are quickly becoming the new dark denim. Red, purple, bright blue or green, just pair these bad boys with neutral colored (try pattern) top, maybe a blazer and some rocking shoes.

3. pencil skirt
This is just one of those skirts that looks good on virtually anyone. The great part about them is they're meant to compliment a woman's natural curves, so the bigger the hips, the better the silhouette. Working in corporate america, this is truly a staple in my closet and I've found the Limited to be the place with the best variety. They also have this pleated skirt that I'm crushing BIG TIME on.

4. sparkly top
I'm not saying you have to look like a disco ball and have tons of sequins. Just that every girl needs a little sparkle in her life. And, with winter clothes often thick, snuggly and sometimes even rustic, a little shine helps break up the softness.

5. plaid shirt
Plaid has taken on a life of its own these days and it's not exactly a bad thing. Classic, timeless and full of variety, plaid shirts should be treated exactly like you would a white oxford shirt - wear with anything and everything. Pair with jeans, a faux fur vest and some moccasins for casual wear, a pencil skirt and textured tights for work or even a sequins mini for a night out on the town. I've even gone so far as to pair with a patterned sweater and colored cords!

6. ski sweater
Really, any sweater with an interesting, more nordic styled pattern. You can wear them with leggings, pair with some colored cords and look cozy and fashionable at the same time.

7. floral dress
I love the juxtaposition between seeing bare trees and wearing bright florals. As long as the base of the dress is dark and muted, a floral dress is the perfect winter wardrobe option.


For being a little late on the post, here are seven shoe essentials to perfect every outfit.

1. nude heels
Nude heels are the entire female gender's best friend. They do nothing but good things for us. They elongate our legs, they match anything and everything, they're just the best. For those that don't have a pair just yet (I have two) stop what you're doing and buy a pair immediately.

2. colored flats
Mustard, red, bright blue or patterned, these will dress up even the casualest of outfits - making you look pulled together, fun and even a little quirky.

3. chuck taylors
I love these things but really, any classic tennis show will do. These should be used for running errands, watching Thursday night football or grabbing some grub with your lady friends.

4. suede booties
I'm not going to lie, there are TONS of different ways you can take this option. Lace ups (shown below), buckles, zip ups... you name it, and there's a bootie out there like it. The reason for getting a bootie is because they are a little dressier than a high boot without looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. They're a little more modern, a little more flattering and a lot better of a statement. For those with long legs, I hate you and you can wear whatever ones your little heart desires. For those of us that are vertically challenged, look for pairs where the tops is cut at an angle. The lower, angled top will help elongate your leg and prevent the shoe from becoming your worst enemy.

5. leather flat heeled boots
Stylish and practical, these should be your comfortable option that goes with almost everything you own. Don't know what to wear and it's cold out? Throws these puppies on.

6. metallic mid heel
A more modest approach to the shiny option we all can't resist. The smaller heel can take these from night to day and the color is neutral enough to wear with just about anything.

 7. wildcard
In every shoe collection, you have to throw in a wild card. These should be your go-to shoes if you want to spice up your outfit because they are guaranteed to make you feel H-O-T. I've been really feeling some leopard print these days but this shoe should really be whatever excites your little eyeballs and makes you stand just a little taller than you normally would. You should need to work those shoes and nothing should stand in your way when you have them on. Get 'em gurl...

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