Thursday, December 15, 2011

twelve days of christmas: day DOLLHOUSE

There are two ways to finish a project: 1) on time or 2) 100% complete. Why is it I can never do either on anything?!?! At least 6 weeks of full blown mayhem, well over 100 hours of making teeny tiny everythings and at least 3 new wrinkles I know I'll never be able to smooth out. And still, the outside isn't painted and the poor teeny, tiny family that lives there has no light or pillow throughout the entire space. None. Not even a cut out lamp or a square piece of fabric. It kind of makes me want to cry.

Personally, I blame the fact that I'm a die hard perfectionist and master of all of the details. I will spend 2 hours painting teeny tiny plates white vs. dubbing them as "good enough" and leaving them the way they were donated to me. It will take me 5 different tries to make the stairs exactly the way I want them before I'm finally satisfied and can move on to the next task. I have made over 15 trips to Michaels and JoAnns in search of the perfect building material, scrap booking paper and/or fabric! I am my own worst enemy.

Nonetheless, I'm extremely happy with what did get finished. Actually, I think it looks like the bomb (that's right, still keeping that phrase alive) and I'm pretty impressed with my handy work. And, to make a silver lining out of the above rant, if the challenge does become more than just a challenge, I can "easily" make some overhead lighting, lamps, pillows and a shower curtain, finish the baseboards and actually paint the outside of the house and add some Italiante detailing and crown molding. Heck, I'll even make a covered porch in the front if I have to. With little rockers. And a hanging planter. Whatevs.

So now (in my best Michael Buffer voice), welcome to the main event. The moment you've all been waiting for. A contender in Emily Henderson's I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge. Set to compete with the likes of Simply Grove. The Brick House. Little Green Notebook. Go Haus Go. And over 50. Other. Challengers . Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present....


Just kidding.

Here's my house :)

Special thanks to: All my lady friends that have given me nothing but support, endless amounts of love and their best cheerleading impressions. Jim and Ruby for enduring many attention-less nights, a couple mini meltdowns and non-stop dollhouse mania (Jim, I thank you for staying with me and Ruby, I appreciate you not running away). My Mom and Aunt Ronnie for their gracious shadowbox figurine donations and regular ego boosts. My Dad for sawing off some legs to make me a coffee table. Jim's family for their excitement and feel good compliments. Jackie for volunteering to help make an HGTV room. And all those that have commented on, followed, critiqued and patted me on the back along the way.


  1. Looks great! I'm not finished with mine yet but I'm going to continue working on it until it's done!

  2. Wow! you got SO MUCH DONE! i love it! i feel like i've worked on it SO much, but am not even close to being done! and you have so many adorable details, like art and throw blankets. i'm duly impressed.


  3. I'd live there even in the dark, without a pillow. Nicely done.

  4. This is amazing. I love every last detail!

  5. Thank you so much everyone! You all just made my week!

  6. Love all the little details. Love them! You should be so happy with your little well designed home.

    My mom told me that the dollhouse would come alive with the details. So, I enjoyed making our little home come alive too:


  7. Amazing!! Absolutely Amazing!! It has been so much fun to see the project progress. If it goes up for rent. . .I want to live there. . .I will bring my own lamps & pillows.. .Merry Christmas, Kate!! Grandma Punkin

  8. This is not a dollhouse, this is awesome! Amazing job! There's so much detail. Looks like you had a wonderful time working on this.

  9. It looks amazing. I especially love all the artwork. Beautiful. :)


  10. Kate - I absolutely love it. The open shelving in the kitchen is my favorite. I've been dying to do that in my real kitchen but I'm too fearful of storage loss, even though it would totally worth it.

    I also love the circle cork board with the little notes. Genius.

    You totally rocked this challenge. Now let's relax and enjoy the holidays!

  11. okay,so I'm obviously late on this but O.M.G this looks AMAZING!!!!! I love all the itty bitty details and so appreciate your perfectionist-tendencies.

    can't wait to see it in person :)

  12. Looks so great. Love all the artwork throughout, and I am still super impressed with the floors! Awesome job!

  13. Wow, turned out amazing! Is that a GNOME corkboard?? Love it!

    *garden gnome arts**

  14. your work is great- you have done it all yourself and this is what is so wonderful!