Tuesday, December 13, 2011

twelve days of christmas: day four

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Four mantels I'm jealous of.
Let's face it folks, mantels are hard. Too little and they look like you just moved in, too much and they start making you feel claustrophobic. Such is the case with holiday mantels.

To make sure yours doesn't fall into the "uh-oh" category, be sure to follow these two rules.

1. Stick to one theme. I know, I know, Christmas is full of great themes and it's SUPER hard to decide on just one. White Christmas. Winter Wonderland. Santa's Workshop. Candy Cane Express. Christmas Village. I know (and have tried) them all. But not all at once. White Wonderland Workshop Candy Cane Village? I don't think so. Pick a single idea and execute against it. It'll be much easier on the eyes and your guests (and family) will thank you.

2. Don't forget to edit. The key to accessorizing a mantel is to follow the same rules you would accessorizing an outfit. First, decorate and adorn based on selection and what you want to accentuate. Next, swing by a mirror and take one thing off. However, in the case of a mantel, it's more like 3.

Here are some of my faves of the year.

[mix shiny and rustic then reuse in your outside landscape]
[potted herbs in a collection of porcelain dishware and containers]

[collection of vintage tinsel trees and all white stockings]
[NOTE: I'm officially starting to collect after seeing this photo]
[framed chalkboard and rustic garland]
[NOTE: I'd skip the dream ornament and add some metallic
trees and ornaments instead]

[quirky and fun with even some presents for opening]

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