Thursday, December 29, 2011

new year, new start

Hey everyone! Remember us? Kate? And Ruby?

Sure you do.

We weren't gone that long.

I am P-U-M-P-E-D about this new year as I've got some big plans for myself and this blog. Plans that include new projects, mood boards, travel, savings, an iPad, relocation, perhaps some cable... Well, probably not cable but you get the point. I'm going big time and, after spending the last two days being a giant slug, I can't wait to get started.

While New Years Eve is probably the most overrated holiday of the year, I can't help but wake up the next day and breathe a sigh of relief. Relief that it's a new year. A clean slate. A fresh start. It's during this time you can take everything you did you weren't exactly proud of, toss it off a cliff and move on. Where you can take all the dreams and goals you've ever had for yourself and figure out how to make them a reality. Where you can forgive all those that have hurt you over the years and give them the same second chance you're planning on giving yourself. I don't care if it's the cornball way of looking at things, these thoughts are what keep me happy and forever optimistic about the future.

And speaking of fresh starts, I received a truckload of presents over Christmas that will help me do just that. Here's a sneak peek at the kind of loot I'm talking about and my way of wishing you good fortune in 2012. Stay tuned and looking forward to what this year brings!

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