Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year, new artwork

Over the past few years, I've been giving my parents pieces of artwork as Christmas presents. A true win-win situation, it's something I like to do and they really enjoy receiving. This year, I planned the same thing, pulling inspiration from a picture I found on pinterest as my BFF Jen and I were searching for wedding gifts for one of her other besties. 

Cute, right? I know. Sure the message is very "newlyweds" but the composition is classic and, true to form, made me quickly expand the present list to include my aunt and grandparents. Duh.

The supplies are simple: one package of stamps, two acid-free ink pads, a piece of acid-free paper and a frame. 

I chose serif, capital letters to really celebrate the traditional aspect of stamping. For the ink, I went with black and a metallic bronze to make the message pop and add a little pizazz. Again, make sure the ink is acid-free to avoid any future discoloration or yellowing. That would be gross.

I got all three frames from Ikea. I LOVE the RIBBA frames and found another adorable one with beaded trim for my grandparents. The modern shape helped balance the traditional stamped look, keeping the overall composition current yet timeless. 

The hardest part was trying to measure the space between the rows of letters. This is the one and only reason why Ikea frames suck - they never, ever, EVER are the conventional sizes that can easily be divided into equal sections. I drew lines with a pencil, erasing after the page dried overnight. While the letters aren't exactly in a straight line and they initially drove me insane, I convinced myself to see the whole thing through and actually really liked the imperfections as a result. They made the whole piece feel casual, warm and even a tad whimsical. 

The first - for my parents - was a welcome message. Ever since my family went cordless and telephones didn't need to be hung on the wall, my mom has had the hardest time finding something for the kitchen wall our corded phone once filled. Enter "Welcome to the Antoskes".

 The second - for my aunt - was more about reassurance. With my +grandma passing away and the constant stress of being an elementary school principal, this was meant to be a small reminder of the bigger picture. It was actually taken from the full quote I have framed on my own dresser: "Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, then it's not the end". - Anonymous

Finally, for my grandparents, it was something that will forever remind me of my grandma. Without a doubt, after every single phone call, when someone says "I love you" my grandma immediately responds "love you back". It's something I've grown to look forward to will always, always, ALWAYS make me smile. 

After completing the stamping, I did a thorough cleaning of the glass and matte, framed and wrapped.

Boom. A meaningful, easy gift that can be given year round.


  1. Fits perfectly on the kitchen wall! Thanks Kate.

  2. SO cute, I love your take on it and the subtlety if the message. Plus how personal you made it to each person. And I love the style! Thanks so much for the link back too.

  3. These are fabulous!!! I've been looking for an idea to create an "Everything will be okay" message for my wall and I'm pretty sure I just found it. I typically prefer things neat and even but really am drawn to the imperfections. Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips!

  4. Thanks again for your post and inspiration! (I had commended back in May on your project.) I finally posted my project, if you're interested in seeing how mine turned out. It's been sitting on my front table since I made it in the spring and I love it. Thank you so much for the idea!!