Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going no headboard.

I'm continuing the headboard-less conversation I started up in yesterday's post. In my opinion, headboards should only be used if you want your bed to be the focal point or need some visual interest within your space. This just happens to be the case in most bedrooms. Mine, not so much.

Having a wall of frames and a busy and brightly patterned duvet, I didn't want to draw any more attention to my bed then necessary. I think the end result may have been different if I could have painted the walls but, since I had to keep them white (thanks, landlord), I was forced to think of ways to add subtle forms of visual interest while keeping the room design from being overkill.  In the end, not having a headboard helped balance the dramatic features and blend the various parts of the room's design.

For those with a similar issue, here are some other images to help lead you to a solution. Please feel free to contact me with questions!

The brightly colored wall and layered patterns speaks for itself.

This room was one of my inspiration rooms. I love it to pieces.

The layers of pillow and color almost acts as a headboard but keeps the polka dot wall the primary focus.

Another one of my inspiration rooms. Thank you Emily Henderson for this lovely space.

Or you can always do the window thing (also discussed in this post).
It's a great way to accentuate structural detailing or add some height.

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