Monday, September 12, 2011

Exposed brick makes me smile.

I've been crushing hard on rooms with exposed brick since, well, ever. But after searching for inspirational pics during the bedroom redo extravaganza (which I'm changing up AGAIN btw), the crush grew even larger than I'd ever imagined. So much so that I think I'm going to make it a requirement the next time I'm on the apartment hunt. Along with a porch, good water pressure and a claw foot tub.

And let me just tell you, fantasizing about things that you don't have, really helps get things done and find solutions for the things you are working with. In other words, apartment redecorating project, you are put on hold again.

Almost used as an accent wall to break up the white on white in this bedroom.
Natural wood side table used to balance the exposed brick on the opposite side.

This is my absolute DREAM bedroom.
The worn white paint and loads 'o pattern makes my heart go pitter patter.

Painted white in the bedroom makes it more subtle but still enough of a statement. 
Requires little artwork for depth and visual interest for the brick wall to still pop.

I love how they used the exposed brick wall as a backdrop for artwork and book collection.
Creates a raw composition that makes the living room feature a bit more casual.

Love the juxtaposition of modern bathroom accessories and fixtures with an old, chipped brick wall.
Adds depth to the space without it looking old, out of date or drab. 

Having brick in an entryway sets a casual tone for the rest of the home.
Not too excited about the wood to tile cutoff on the floor but the brick does a nice job at keeping the eye upward.

This kitchen makes me want to learn how to cook.
The white keeps the kitchen looking pristine and the window set in the brick helps let light in and offers great reflection.

The painted white in this kitchen capitalizes on the brick's texture but keeps the space looking fresh and clean.
Minimal accessories add a modern yet functional touch.

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