Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting my craft on, soon.

This post is kind of random but I can't help it. But I'm SO EXCITED.

Long story short, my BFF Jen and I have a craft night (that's right, a craft night) every so often when we come up with an idea we simply HAVE to make - like this jewelry holder. Or these pillows. Or these stuffed animals.

Well, we've come up with yet another craft - which of course I'm not going to reveal just yet - that involves CRAFT CLAY & SHRINKY DINKS! That's right, our mature, professional (totally kidding) arts and craft sesh is moving down to 5th grade level for a night. Can't you see why I'm so excited now?!?!

Anyway, since I'm not going to tell you the exactly what we'll be making, I started searching around pinterest to see what else can be made (or bought) using this awesome material. Who knows - maybe it'll be a two-parter.

owl magnet - 4 crazy kings

patterned plates - fiskars

vase accessorizing - ideas mag

cat ring - greenmot

pet tags - martha stewart

mobile or windmill - Three Eggs

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