Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Freaking out for some zigzags.

Today's post is short and sweet because I am up to my eyeballs (again) in projects. Only this time they are crafts, making a big difference in the level of stress associated with them.

Anyway, I am going NUTS over the new Missoni line for Target. So nuts that I can't put off posting about it anymore and am literally counting down the days until September 13th. What's with the date? That's when the signature zigzags and chevrons we all love Missoni for will be available for purchase at a way more affordable price than usual. The prices are right, the colors are INSANE and the options are endless in terms of where your interior design can go with just one little purchase. Seriously - jumping up and down on the inside.

Oh, and kudos to Target for continuing their collaboration with some of THE best designers in the business.


(all photos courtesy of the LA Times article, Missoni for Target collection premieres Sept. 13)


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