Monday, June 13, 2011

Jen & Chad's place: the plan

Much progress was made this weekend on Jen and Chad's living room. Slowly but surely the room is coming together and what is coming together, has been totally worth the wait.

First, the sketches. Here are the simple sketches that I put together based on the back-and-forth on pinterest (listed here) and the overall needs of the space. The sketches are simple and are meant to be used as a guideline for what is needed and what the larger aspects of the decor would look like.

sofa wall: travel photo composition (with the ability to add), long curtains to add height, larger lamp for side table, new patterned pillows

fireplace wall (main focal point): painted wall with stenciled pattern, new more modern shelf (please Chad!), very simple white vase collection

TV wall: new stained TV console, frame bookshelves (see Jen's pinterest), potted plant with stand to break up the squares

the bar wall (wild card): possible wall color, DIY shelves to house wine bottles, etc.

Second, the fabric. The reason for choosing the fabric before the paint colors is because it's more difficult to try and match a fabric with a paint color than vice versa. So, after a cool 4 hours (not exaggerating), we finally found the perfect two (yes, two) pillows that ended up being the inspiration for the rest of the color throughout the room. 

Style & Co. green pillow (@ Macys)

Zenith Pillow (@ Crate and Barrel)

Once we chose the fabric, we spent a total of 20 minutes (including shake time) to pick up two gallons of paint for the fireplace wall. We went with a warm, dark gray (eagle something from Ace) for the primary color and a matching chartreuse green (lone oak something from Ace) with a lattice-like stencil.

We started sanding the TV stand, painted the primary color on the fireplace wall, primed the coffee table and hung the frame composition behind the sofa. All in all, a busy weekend! 

How did we put the rest together and what does the final space look like? Stay tuned!

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