Friday, June 10, 2011

I heart pinterest.

I am loving pinterest I'll-tell-you-what. First mentioned here, pinterest is a place to house all of the things you find save-worthy while browsing the web. Anyway, Jen and I have been using it to exchange ideas back and forth about the living room needs, wants, dreams and hopes. As referenced here, I first looked through what Jen had already posted to her pinterest board, home sweet home inspiration. Then, after checking out the accessories and pieces she already had, I tried to expand on these (and just double check I was on the same page) by creating a new board, jen and chad thoughts, allowing for additional comments and exchange of ideas. Lesson learned: this is a fantastic way to communicate and build on ideas leading up to the final plan. It helps understand someone's stylistic tendencies along with providing you with a great point of reference. Here are some highlights from the pinterest convo.

Oh, and for those dying to see the sketches (mom), you'll have to wait until next week's post. Have a great weekend!

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