Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jen & Chad's place: blind fever.

With Jen's sketches (see post here) taking longer than expected, I thought I'd take this time to throw up some additional inspirational photos that I'm using for the sketches. One of the larger challenges with the space is trying to find the perfect sliding glass door treatment. The space currently has some tracked panels but they don't work very well, are a little clunky and could use a little character. Below are some options that I'm hoping will provide us with an answer. Hopefully, I'll have completed the sketching tomorrow to share with everyone!

natural woven grass for some texture

larger, patterned panels

tall, patterned drapes (not very Penny the Cat friendly)

And that's all I've found so far. Smells like a DIY project to me!

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  1. Okay so we both decided that we like the track stuff more than drapes (because of penny and the couch butts right up near the window - so not as open). I like both the woven grass and the pattern. My must is for some light to come through it!! :) I hate living in a cave, while Chad rants about heating and cooling bills. haha