Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jen & Chad's place: the living room to dos.

As promised, here are a list of to-dos for Jen and Chad's living room. Organized by what needs to be bought, found and DIY-ed, this holds everything that needs to be completed for the room to be considered finished.

To Buy
- fireplace wall stencil (purchased!)
- spray/paint for "bookshelves" (maybe already have)
- spray/paint for coffee table (maybe already have)
- plant for large pot (maybe someone will donate one!)
- black frame for Cape Cod photo for travel wall
- wood planks for "bookshelves" (4 per frame - Michael's?)
- long pair of curtains for sofa wall (Ikea or Ikea? Or maybe already Jen has?)
- material for fireplace hearth (still investigating options...)
- sliding glass door blinds/panels (still investigating options...)

To Find
- 3 decorative frames for "bookshelves" (maybe Jen already has?)
- large vases for fireplace mantle (maybe Jen already has?)
- small shelf for bar wall (TBD)

- stain TV stand (sanding complete!)
- stencil pattern on fireplace wall (tackling this Sunday)
- make "bookshelves"
- spray large vases white
- spray/paint coffee table (color: TBD)
- stain/paint wine crates for bar wall (TBD)
- paint bar wall (TBD)

You'll notice that there are some TBDs within the list. We've decided to leave these a little open-ended until we can get a better idea of how the current, planned design shapes out  and what still seems to be missing in terms of balancing the space.

The questions we'll likely ask ourselves to ensure the correct balance will include:
- After the fireplace wall stencil goes up, will the other half of the room look too bare?
- Are there certain patterns or colors that only seem to be on one side of the room?
- Are the wall compositions balanced in terms of the amount of decor on them?
- Is there any additional storage that's needed for things we weren't able to find homes for?

While this post is a little dull and I won't post for each room, I wanted to enforce that this is an absolutely necessary step to complete when looking to redesign your space. It helps determine progress, stay on track and figure out a budget for the rest of the materials.

For those that are in need of some daily inspiration, check out some of these treatment options for concrete. I'm still not sold on the idea, but it never hurts to explore.

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  1. oh gosh this to-do list is scary! :( But I do think we prob have plenty of tall vases and potential curtain (which I'm a little weary of putting up because it gives chad another way to block out the sunlight, i swear he's a closet vampire).

    Also, I'm thinking for the fun storage frames, I can probably buy photo boxes OR get some plain wood from Lowe's and have Chad's Dad (or someone handy) make it into a box and then we apply to front of frames. I'm going to investigate further.

    Wishing you were here ALL weekend!