Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beds in windows.

When my BFF Jen moved in with her boyfriend this past week, they came across a typical challenge most couples are faced with - having two of everything. This resulted in the need to condense and make the most out of the space they have. One of the largest challenges they encountered was their bedroom with its wall of closet and wall of windows leaving little space for furniture arrangement.

Using the handy dandy (as mentioned here, here and here), I recommended a layout that seriously condensed the amount of furniture within the space and used the window as a backdrop to the bed. Thinking more about it, windows can be one of the best backgrounds for a bedroom - often framing the headboard and offering great natural light to wake up to. Below is the layout recommended, a very early pic texted by Jen and some additional inspiration for trying this out in your space. Now we just need to work on the decor to brighten the space up!

(layout recommendation)

(sorry Jen, but you get the idea)

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