Friday, June 3, 2011

Making Orlando our Hamptons.

This just in: My parents (hi dad!) may be the proud owner of a vacation home near Orlando, Florida. With my brother living and working in Orlando, it made the most sense to purchase there (real estate is really cheap there right now) vs. spending money on hotels, rental cars, etc. And with the property being right on a golf course and only 45 minutes away from a beach and my brother, it's got our family written all over.

The problem? It's white on white on off-white. Very bland. Very boring.

Since this is a vacation home, I started talking myself into liking the idea of a very muted vacation space and eventually somehow started comparing my parents vacation home to one in the Hamptons.

Stop. Now hear me out.

A Hamptons style home is, in my opinion, what all vacation homes should strive to look like. Not in size but in style. The homes are sophisticated, clutter-free, classic and most importantly... THEME FREE. Here are some Hampton homes that have caught my eye and showcase some of signature design elements that makes a Hamptons home the envy of all other vacation homes.

eclectic furniture collection

neutral color palette with choiceful accessories

lots of natural light

multiple textures and washes

clean lines with a balance of whim and structure

classic and functional

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