Friday, May 6, 2011

Spray painting, take two.

This post is a two parter, both involving spray painting.

Part one, the lamps. I love the idea of an oversized lamp on top of a dresser and bedside table. And, of course, I love the idea of them looking eclectic but tied together in some way.

To accomplish, I found two different lamps with similar, curved bases at the local thrift store, Vintage Market and Thriftfor my bedside table and dresser. Both were a horrible brass so I wanted to spray paint the two the same color to further relate them to each other without having purchased two of the same lamp.

To do this, I covered all of the pieces and parts I didn't want to spray (including the glass portion of the one lamp). I bought a spray paint with a oil-rubbed bronze finish and sprayed evenly until completely covered. And finally, I bought some lamp shades. I chose a drum shade for the bedside one and a more triangular one for the pineapple one. Because these lamps will be positioned so close together, I wanted to again keep the shades different but chose similar colors to help pull the room together. 

Part two, the mirror. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MIRROR. I wanted a more delicate, vintage look to my dresser compared to what the current boxy, plain mirror offered. While thrifting one day, I came across the amazing mirror pictured below at another local thrift store, the Hyde Park Goodwill (which is crazy because I never find anything there). I had some left over glossy white spray paint from another project which I used for the frame to brighten up the area and bring out the mirror frame's detailing even more.

I played around with the accessories but still feel like something is missing. I experimented with different sized objects and their shapes to try and find a balance and composition I liked. Still toying around with it but feel it's good enough to capture and post!
Total investment: $107 (eek!)
Lamps: $30
Bronze spray paint: $9
Mirror: $20
Lamp shades: $48 (a complete splurge but I couldn't stand it any longer)

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