Saturday, May 7, 2011

Destination Spotlight: Vintage Market & Thrift

I've known about this prime spot for a while now and have been debating whether to share or continue keeping it my little secret. Seeing as there are only 9 of you following this blog, I figured it wouldn't hurt too much to share.

On the corner of Loveland and, well, Loveland, Vintage Market and Thrift leaves a lot to be desired outside but completely makes up for it with all of the treasures located inside. The place is loaded with tables and chairs, trinkets and glassware, sofas and dressers. The prices are reasonable and seem to be somewhat negotiable. And if that's not enough, whoever is finding the pieces for this store has a fantastic eye for design - choosing pieces with loads of potential, great lines and from various periods in time. I scored the two lamps mentioned here and am definitely continuing to go back for more.

The even better part is that all proceeds benefit charities that help families of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Another bonus? The Loveland Goowill is right down the street.

Here are some of the highlights from a recent trip out to this great furniture spot.

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