Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Word from the wise is to improvise.

After searching through my apartment for a piece of furniture to convert into a TV stand, I began to think about what other pieces of furniture can be easily substituted by something else.

One easy substitution is the bedside table. By changing up a bedside table with something a little more unexpected, you create visual interest and, in some cases, works of art. Here are some ideas for this easy yet attention-grabbing piece of furniture:

1. Paint a planter or tall barrel and put a piece of glass or serving tray on top. The color will draw attention to the bed while adding texture and definition to the space.

2. Stack books to create a table. If you're a collector, grab some of the larger books you've already read and start stacking. If the table begins to get a little wobbly, grab some hot glue and connect the books together. If you need a larger table top, try the serving tray on top idea for this as well.

3. Move your square ottoman into the bedroom. A square ottoman can add another level of comfort and softness to a room, giving it a more relaxed and less structured feel. Add a punch of color by making a slipcover in a bright pattern or solid fabric.

4. Cinder blocks. For a lower sitting bed set, try contrasting a soft, over stuffed bedding set with a couple of concrete blocks as tables. This juxtaposition will add visual interest and a modern twist to the space. Use a hanging or floor lamp to amplify space.

5. Use a chair, stool or wooden crate. Like the ottoman, this substitution can add a more relaxed feel to the bedroom by making the space less structured and lower the feeling of "completion". It gives off that anything goes impression and can be a perfect substitution for beds positioned in a corner (allowing for only one side table).

6. Hang a suitcase. I've seen this done for shelving units but think the older suitcase could look really sharp as a side table. Place pieces collected while traveling throughout the space to give the room a sense of adventure.

All photos courtesy of flickr.

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