Sunday, July 18, 2010

I need a bookcase that's juuuust right.

I am almost done with my "entertainment wall" pending the arrival of my mother at the end of the month. She is bringing me a three-shelved bookcase that my grandpa built to put on the other side of the television (note the gaping hole). I'm hoping to get a smaller flat screen for Christmas, on the hunt to find some more interesting pieces for display and may buy some LACK shelves from Ikea to make the wall feel more sleek and fresh.
As you can see, the bookcase can make or break the look of this wall. I'm thinking of staining it the same color and painting the back a lime green to add some color. Too many objects in the bookcase can make the wall look cluttered and unorganized. Too few objects can make the bookcase look unnecessary and a waste of space. Here are some tips to help find a balance.

1. Vary book placement. To take up space without the shelf looking too full, place some of the books on their backs and stack them. 

2. Mix big with small. Choose objects that are larger in size for bigger openings and pair with a few smaller trinkets to add depth and interest. 

3. Hang pictures. Some of the cutest bookcases I've seen have artwork attached to the outside of the shelf. It breaks up the parallel lines of a bookcase and can provide a place for hidden storage. If you have a larger bookcase or one that's built in, this is a great option. 

4. Add light. Brighten up the piece by adding a lamp either on top or on one of the shelves. This is an easy way to add height to the display and could help find your favorite read that much quicker.

5. Take a step back. Like some do with outfit accessories, after you finish concocting your display, take a step back and look at the bookcase as a whole. Find at least 1-2 objects on the space and remove before considering it complete. Often times, self control tends to go out the window when accessories come into play. 

(P.S. How cute would this wall look if it was painted a slate blue or a really pale lime per my previous post? Ugh.)

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