Saturday, July 17, 2010

C'mon, just let me paint.

In the midst of redecorating, I am really getting the bug to paint my walls. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to (according to my landlord) so instead, I thought I'd daydream about it. 

Painting is one of the easiest ways to revamp a room. And, if you purchase accessories in multiple colors, all you need to do is change up the wall color for an instant shift in moods without the added stress of finding new accessories to match. 

If you are lucky enough to be able to paint your walls, here are some ideas along with reasons why they work. As for me, I'll just stick to daydreaming and hanging up tons of pictures.

To me, kitchens have always been the room that gives me the creeps and I'm pretty sure that being a lousy cook is the reason for it. Painting the kitchen  a bright color however, makes the room seem less scary and more approachable. Choose artwork and colors that are a little more unexpected (steer clear of the typical fruit ensembles and yellow hues) to modernize the space and take off some of the pressure.

Wallpaper companies have made huge strides in their patterning, making wallpaper a great choice for adding some texture to any room. If you take a look around and notice that all of your furniture and/or accessories look sort of plain (neutrals, patternless, etc.), wallpaper may be your best bet to add some visual interest. Focus on a neutral pattern or one with a few different colors to make the look more versatile.

I had this one bathroom in my first apartment after college that I painted two different shades of thick green stripes and absolutely loved the look. Paired with a claw foot tub, the bathroom ended up looking regal and luxurious and you almost didn't notice the gold laced linoleum floor (yuck). Striping can also let you paint a room with a brighter color (as seen above) without looking overpowering. Try a bright pastel or a monochromatic combination to keep the room looking fresh. Mix the paint finishes to add just a tad more drama.

Not exactly a room, the decoupage idea in this window display can translate really well on a feature wall or in a small powder room. Staying with newspaper can keep the walls neutral enough to stay versatile but if you're feeling up to it, magazine ads and feature articles would really add some quirk and humor.

I absolutely love the idea of painting an area dedicated for featured artwork. This painting frames the bed in a way that makes it more inviting while filling a corner that would have otherwise looked bare.

FAKE IT: Not good at painting? Check out etsy for some wall graphics to get the same effect without the mess.

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