Tuesday, June 18, 2013

what if: kitchen bookcase display

I'm not going to lie, arranging items on a bookcase is tough. Rough and tough. And in the case of a kitchen it's even trickier because, chances are, the stuff you have to arrange on a bookcase is stuff that you actually use in everyday life. If done wrong, it looks like the bookcase is a temporary answer to the clutter you can no longer find room for in your cupboards. If done right, it looks like the bookcase is part of your regular kitchen storage and can even end up being the focal point of the space. 

Since I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to dinner and glassware I've been faced with this challenge in every. single. home I've rented. I can't help it - dinner plates and glasses literally call me to come over there and put them in my shopping basket. Who am I to argue?

Add Jim's cooking ware he actually uses to cook things with and put things in and this is the reason why we needed a bookcase in the kitchen ourselves

Are you panicking yet? Not to worry, here's an example of how to work it all out. 

  1. Leave space on the top shelf. For shorter bookcases, try finding something tall to add more height without adding weight. Here I have a house plant but you can also use a decanter, pitcher or even tiered vegetable holder.
  2. Use your produce as decoration. Veggies and fruits that don't require refrigeration can help to add some color to the arrangement. Look for wire or mesh baskets to minimize the bulk and let the color shine through. 
  3. Show off your best or most interesting serving ware. This is the trial and error part of the program. Gather all of the serving ware you wouldn't mind seeing everyday and layout on an empty kitchen counter top. From there, play with the arrangement so the color, shapes and sizes are evenly distributed across all shelving. When in question, snap a photo of it with your phone and take one final look to see what may needed edit 

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