Sunday, June 23, 2013

dining room: colored chairs!

Those that know me are VERY AWARE that I'm obsessed with HGTV's Property Brothers. For those that don't know me... be VERY AWARE that I'm obsessed with HGTV's Property Brothers. And, although I'm never entirely in love with Jonathon's design choices, I always manage to find something inspiring in almost every episode. Plus, the twins (Jim thinks they're actually the same person) are totally cute. 

So yesterday, during one of the many Property Brothers marathons that goes on at our home, I became particularly inspired by the Stephanie and Micah episode. I've searched for over an hour to find some freaking photos online of it and can't for the life of me track down. So annoying. 

Basically, I was really drawn to the country-style table paired with some yellow chairs in their kitchen. Normally, I'm all about the rustic table with white modern chairs pairing but am thinking about making the colorful change. In my mind, it's an easy way yet unexpected way to add some color to your space however, keeping the chairs modern is key. What do you think?

[via pinterest]

Since we're already trying to save for a new dining room rug, I don't think Jim will go for buying four new colored chairs to boot. On top of this, the chairs we currently have are less than six months old and I swore up and down this was the exact design direction we had to go in. And it's not like I don't like the chairs, I just want a little more color than I originally anticipated. 

[chairs via ikea, legs sprayed with oil rubbed bronze]

Since the walls are so rich and I can't bear to paint any of our antiques in this space, I'm tasked with finding different places to insert color and brighten up the space. Depending on what rug we end up getting, I was thinking about leaving the chair white, spraying the legs a bright color like red or yellow. This would allow me to move the plant stand, creating a less cramped feeling within this space and potentially do a really neat treatment on the large rectangular mirror. First things first, I need to find that rug!

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  1. yes that's the great combination while eating the food on different color chairs. Thanks for the information.