Monday, September 2, 2013

the shopping itch.

Believe me when I say that a girl has her needs. Unfortunately, these needs are coming the same time our finances are officially frozen. To get my shopping fix, I'm heading to my favorite imaginary land where all dreams come true, all rooms are adorably styled and all budgets are non-existent. That is, until the finances start thawing out.

First item on the list are sheets. Apparently, we have a lot of pillowcases in the rotation that just. are. not. cutting. it. The best part about this is Jim's been taking the "bad" ones and placing at the very bottom of the stack in the linen closet. Then, being the clueless individual I am, I've been sorting through the pillowcases, pulling them out of the stack and using them in the rotation. Jim finally came clean and filled me in on which ones not to ever use again.

In our home, the softer the better. This means 100% cotton, absolutely no sateen, at least 300 count and jersey is always an option. I swear, if Jim had it his way, we'd be using his old t-shirts as pillowcases. Naturally, this will not do. Fortunately, Target has been killing it lately with soft fabrics and neutral patterns that will satisfy both our needs - cute (me) and soft (him). Pair any of these with a duvet cover that has a larger pattern, a statement pillow to bring the look together and a nubby blanket at the foot and you've got yourself one good looking bed.

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