Tuesday, March 5, 2013

new use for a china cabinet

I am 100% IN LOVE with this vintage China cabinet. As in, if it were human, Jim might have some competition. What?! Who am I kidding? Jim competes for my love against this China cabinet on a daily basis. 

Sigh. My heart be still.

We found it an an antique shop here in Sacramento (Midway Antiques) and I knew the second I saw it, we had to have it. For what? I didn't know. We don't have any China. Or linens. Or anything else to fit in this adorably small cabinet. But still, I NEEDED IT. Scouring my brain for ideas on how to justify the purchase, we finally ended up on using it as record player storage. PERFECT.

So here he sits in the corner of our dining room. I'm still on the fence about refinishing but for now, I'm liking what the wear and tear brings to the space. 

To keep the piece from looking drab, I added a modern vase and planter to the top of it. Then, to balance new with old, I added a few thrift store gems to mix until I got the combination I was looking for. So, so, SO happy with the end result.

OTHER OPTIONS: Using furniture in a new way adds an interesting twist on room decor. Cabinets, credenzas, dressers and bookcases can be used for all different types of storage, keeping your space feeling eclectic and less cookie cutter. Here are some other ideas for record player storage. 

(Or anything else you might need to contain.)

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