Monday, March 4, 2013

this week's looks: spring!

Spring is large and in charge here in northern California. The trees have blossomed, the grass is green(er) and the sun is a-blazing. 


I'm so sick of sweaters and freaking layering the time to stow it all away and bring out something fresh couldn't have come soon enough. Here are some outfit ideas to help get your springtime wardrobe started. 

monday: add a jean jacket and different colored flats to liven up a plain dress

tuesday: keep it casual with a flowy skirt and soft white tee

wednesday: the jean on jean keeps this preppy look from being too stiff

thursday: mix stripes and floral for a fresh take on layering patterns

friday: add some edge to an otherwise soft look with art deco-inspired accessories

saturday: navy keeps these colored jeans crisp and clean

sunday: an old concert tee and keds make sunday errands bearable

visit this week's looks: spring! by kantoske on for clothing sources.

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  1. This is your Dad, I read your jean on jean comment and was wondering why you always got a little chuckle out of it when I broke out the jean shirt, jean jacket and relaxed fit jeans? Maybe I was ahead of my time? Gene