Wednesday, March 6, 2013

weekend project: diy potted garden

Our backyard is in desperate need of some TLC. Right now, it's nothing but weeds, old mulch and dog poop. Disgusting. The problem is I haven't a clue how to tackle. Where do you even start?

Jim's been talking about a potted garden for a while now so I'm now taking that idea and running with it. Functional + pretty = best of both worlds. Here's some eye candy to show you where my head's at. 

The trick will be whether or not I can find these containers at a reasonable price. At least I know I have plenty of wine bottles in the recycle bin to get started with some hanging herbs.

TIP: You can probably use gutter material to create this, keeping lettuce away from critters that might eat it. I'm thinking this could be a good way to plant green onions and spinach as well. Basically veggies with shorter roots. 

TIP: Head to a spirits store and ask for leftover wine crates. Last time I did this, I got one for only $5. Given our California location, I'm hoping I can scrounge up a few of these for free.

TIP: Mix it up! I'm loving the various heights, sizes and shapes of these pots. Clustering in an empty corner of our yard will cozy up the space. It's also an easy way to add color to an otherwise dull palette.

By the way, these photos are from a good old fashioned Google search. My attempt to wean myself off pinterest.

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  1. lovely!! We used antique tin for our wedding centerpieces and now I have so many left over that I don't know what to do with! I will definitely be shopping for some plants to put them in :)