Sunday, January 13, 2013

living room inspiration

modern eclectic: mixing the new with the old in a way that feels collected, timeless and balanced

This is the style our entire home is decorated in. And, while it's the most casual, it's also the most difficult to get right. Which is why I'm constantly redecorating. And why our living room looks borderline like a garage sale. And why I can't pick a freaking side table or a rug to save my life. I think I have the accessories and furniture placement down, I just need a couple of things to pull the whole look together. 

The Musts: Table has to have enough room for multiple beverages, plates of food and magazines. Rug needs to go along with the dining room rug and have enough visual interest to breathe life into the drab couch and chair. 

I'll show you more about what I mean tomorrow, but for now, I'm just collecting ideas from the interwebs.

via bhg

Katie Ridder via the peak of chic

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  1. I really like the third image. I love the mix of citron with the more neutral hues. Sophisticated yet still fun!