Monday, December 17, 2012

feeling frumpy.

Ever find yourself in a mood where all you want to do is start exercising and eat nothing but lean proteins and healthy fats? "It's about that time," I say to myself. "Time to finally feel comfortable in my own skin, have killer abs and glowing skin only healthy people are able to master. Yes, this sounds great. I'll start tomorrow." 

Look, I have plenty of excuses. I work over 40 hours a week, am scared to run in the dark and have never, EVER craved a vegetable in my life. Except for brussel sprouts. Smothered in butter and bacon. I'm ridiculous.

But today feels different. I don't know if I've hit rock bottom or I'm finally ready to get serious but damnit, I need to get this frumpy ass in shape. So many times I think, "If only I could lose 5 10 15 pounds. I could take more risks with my wardrobe. Wear those boxy silhouettes I love and show some leg without wondering whether or not my thigh is jiggling while I walk. I'd love to finally put together those outfits I have in my head. Wearing them comfortably. And with confidence." 

And then poof. The motivational thoughts vanish and the leftover pizza is in the microwave.

Truth be told, it's not even like I'm fat, I just don't feel like myself. I don't care if fashion sounds superficial or materialistic in terms of rationale for weight loss. It is what it is. For those that know me, I love clothes. I love the statements they make, experimentation it allows and confidence they boost. Fashion makes me happy. And when I start noticing myself shying away from different clothing combinations solely because of how my clothes have started to fit, there's a problem that needs fixing immediately. Plus I'm in California now. People love eating healthy out here. I should embrace this lifestyle. So I can wear outfits like these:


That's it. Operation Kate-Get-Your-Act-Together starts now. 

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