Sunday, November 25, 2012

bathroom adjustments.

I've been going back and forth on which route to take for the bathroom for what feels like a century. With icy blue walls and creamy beige tile (thank you tasteful landlords) the space was a completely blank canvas. Girly and feminine? Cozy and plush? Modern and sleek? I couldn't for the life of me choose a direction. 

Finally, while at Target, I found the rug of my dreams. It was rustic, fresh and exactly what I wanted. Since then, I've we've added some frames and an old wine crate to the walls - trying to continue the balance between rustic and fresh. I'm still not 100% on the shower curtain (I think the space needs another, more subtle pattern) but haven't been able to pull the trigger just yet. I also don't think I've found the exact balance I'm looking for in terms of accessories, but I'm happy with how the space is coming together. 

The key to your bathroom looking eclectic vs. a rough hot mess is to 1) find artwork with a cohesive color palette, 2) combine multiple textures throughout the space and 3) mix vintage with modern accessories. This will make the design feel connected, full of depth and well-collected over time. 

Here are some other examples for more ideas. 

artwork: society6 / toothbrush holder: west elm / bath mat: target / shower curtain: target

artwork: society6 / tumbler: west elm / bath mat: urban outfitters / shower curtain: ikea*
* I think this might be the winner for our bathroom

 artwork: society6 / tumbler: ikea / bath mat: urban outfitters / shower curtain: target

 artwork: society6 / tumbler: target / bath mat: west elm / shower curtain: target

artwork: society6 / tumbler: west elm / bath mat: west elm / shower curtain: ikea

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