Wednesday, November 9, 2011

rooms i'd like to live in.

I am so entranced in this imaginary dollhouse world that I can't help but day dream about dream houses (or in my case, apartments). ALL. DAY. LONG. So as an attempt to combat this gray, rainy day with thoughts of princess castles and marshmallows, here are some rooms I've been collecting (pinterest again, duh) that make me want to do a happy dance.

And don't worry, if you like it too we can just live there together. Sharing is caring.

a perfect mix of cluttered chaos. the patterns and teal and books keep it cozy.
the white fireplace and chandy keep this room from looking too chaotic.

if this was the guest bedroom I got to hang out in when i visited,
I would be visiting a lot more often.

love the candles, love the caddy, love the chair. a fantastic little retreat to relax in.

this makes me want to read day in and day out. the HUGE window is outrageous,
the patterns lived-in and the book shelf loaded. I hope it's of James Patterson -
because then I'd never leave!

this outdoor area is unreal. not sure how everything stays dry and clean but,
since I'm technically in the land of make believe, I will ignore any questions regarding functionality.

I love the wood accents and the yellow couch.
I don't know why but it makes me want to sip wine, listen to music and gossip all night.

ok, I really need to do this. it's cute, it's functional, it just needs to happen.
maybe on my bookcase in the living room?

this is another must do - although I feel like it's mocking me right now.
Sadly, I finally had to put the little Ikea palm tree plant to rest. Plants: 0 - Kate: 1
RIP little guy.

this is Ellen Pompeo's kitchen that I have been in love with ever since it was
featured in Elle Decor. The open cabinetry, the super-size fridge, the georgous
picture, the giant stove for me Jim to cook on... sigh.

I absolutely love bathrooms or kitchens that have regular furniture in them
vs. the sterile, waterproof, kitchen- or bath-only pieces we so
regularly see. This bowl sink and vintage dresser vanity make me want to hug someone.

this is the cutest kid's painting / family wall I've seen yet.
Filled with black and white, old photos and finger paint masterpieces,
I think I would stare at it nonstop.

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