Tuesday, November 8, 2011

holiday ornament diy ideas a-plenty.

No matter whether the Christmas season is actually in the air or not, it's on my blog and I'm rolling with it. Mainly because I love the season, am slammed with dollhouse building and could use a little holiday spirit in my life. Plus my mom already has her "holiday theme" picked out and it's driving me nuts that she's ahead of me.

For those that don't know, a "holiday theme" starts with the tree. Unlike my mom, I tend to bypass the Pottery Barn pulled-together tree and head straight for The Christmas Story glittery, tinsel-filled mayhem.

Tacky, yes. A lot, of course. But it a good way.

So this year, like every year, I opt for homemade ornaments. I already have my signature super sentimental ornaments (+grandma) but I like to mix up the arrangement with some new duds from time to time. But what type of homemade you ask? These past few weeks, I've been collecting DIY ornament ideas off pinterest (duh) as a way to gather my thoughts. The good news is that majority of these ornament ideas are relatively easy (read: more likely to actually get done). The "bad" news? Let's just say it's going to be a lot of metallic, a lot of garland and a lot of glitter. Little fake Christmas tree from Walgreens circa 2009, you are going to look ADORABLE.

squeeze lines of Elmer's glue on glass bulb and sprinkle with glitter.

stick string in glue and wrap around small balloons
once dry, pop balloons and presto!

these would be cute even just spray painted, i swear!
but if you want to glitter, get hours of your life back by using spray adhesive instead of Elmer's.

pour white paint inside glass ball and swirl around until all sides are covered.
grab puffy paint (or acrylic if you're boring) and paint on the designs.

you don't have to use maps for this one. cut identical shapes out of desired material.
grab a Styrofoam ball, start from the bottom, secure with a hot glue gun and work your way up.

origami birds. ok, ok, these don't have to be glittered - maybe just some scrapbook paper.

collect leaves while they're still falling, let dry and spray paint gold.

this I would tweak to add a tad more contrast.
tape off half of the pine cone and spraying the tips lime green or red.

don't forget the garland!
grab some construction paper, holiday scrap booking paper, ribbon, scissors and a glue stick.

toilet paper roll slices, a glue gun and glitter
spray with adhesive and start circling 'round the ornament.
this may/may not be harder than it looks.

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