Tuesday, November 1, 2011

buns and artwork.

I've got two things on the brain today - buns and DIY art. The bun because I happen to have a giant one on top of my head as I type this and the DIY art because I am very slowly putting in place a plan for my workspace artwork. Totally random I know, but I can't help it.

True to form, I decided to stay in bed until the last possible second today. This left me with a whopping 30 minutes to take Ruby out, get dressed and drive to work. Totally uneccessary stress I know, but I can't help it. That said, I was unable to shower this morning (eww, gross) and my hair was out. of. control. So I did what (I think) anyone would have in this kind of situation - throw it on the top of my head, shove some bobby pins in there and hope for the best.

Well, I got lucky. My 'fro somehow managed to wrap itself into a pretty bun. Sure, it's a tad frizzy and a little huge, but I made it work. I paired it with a striped long t-shirt, my "new" $3 rust colored blazer from Dress for Success, navy corduroys and some tall gray heels. I wish I could show you a pic so you can see how not-ballerina the look is but I'm typing this on my lunch break. In the office. At my desk.

Instead, I'll offer some example pics of how to work a pretty bun. The most important things to remember? Imperfections are good and always pair with something tailored or structured.

[kind of what mine looks like except for a little more curl and a lot more frizz]

As for the DIY art, I started hanging up some pictures in my workspace and want to blend places I've been, corkboards and artwork I've made. So I did what anyone (I think) would have done in my situation and headed to pinterest for some ideas. Here are the ones I've bookmarked so far. Something fun, a little 3-dimensional but simple at the same time.

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