Monday, October 31, 2011

another holiday, another whirlwind performance.

Per usual, I had a little too much fun with the Halloween festivities and am now feverishly adding to the infamous list of what not to do ever again. Like over-serving myself. And going to sleep before my BFF Jen could meet up with me. And dancing on coolers. I mean, who does this stuff anymore? This idiot, right over here that's who.
For those that weren't able to witness the mess show, here's a quick pic of me (AKA Big Bird) on Friday night. Which is the same outfit I wore Friday at work. And during my mere 3 hour Saturday night. Seriously, is there anyone else out there that does this? PLEASEDEARGOD.

But now, since you can't change the past and I'm almost done feeling bad for myself, I thought I'd pick myself up, dust myself off and begin picking up the pieces from yet another fuzzy weekend. No Mom, I still haven't learned.

Slowly getting the productive bug back today, I flashed back to my birthday (September 22nd) when I wrote this post, listing all of the goals and milestones I plan to accomplish before my next birthday.

My progress? None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

So, with 1.5 months down the toilet and only 10.5 more months left before the deadline, I will need to cross off at least 3 items on the list each upcoming month. Which means I need to stop the shenanigans and get this little booty in gear. STAT.

Wanting to set the bar a little low for November - you know, get the old self esteem ready and raring - I chose the following items to complete:
  1. Continue to regularly blog (Sundays are the only optional day).
  2. Make (and successfully not kill) an indoor herb garden.
  3. Teach Ruby how to roll over.
Seems pretty doable right? I'm already doing the regular blog thing so I just need to keep that up. The indoor herb garden is something I've been planning to do in my kitchen forever now. And I think I've successfully roped my entire family into helping me teach pup to roll over Thanksgiving break.

The goal will be to provide an update on my progress along with picking three new goals to check off the list at the end of every month. I think that will keep me pretty accountable, motivated and (hopefully) out of trouble.

For now, here are some pretty herb garden treatments I'm thinking about. I have one little window sill available for this project so the arrangement will need to be smart and compact.

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