Wednesday, November 2, 2011

if i had a million dollars.

Being in la-la land for the I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge is both exhilirating and non-productive all at the same time. Exhilirating because there are no budgets in the land of miniatures, and non-productive because all of my other projects/to-dos are on hold indefinitely. But who cares because I heart making tiny, little things!

As a brief reminder for those that haven't been keeping up with my two (2) updates on the matter, I'm participating in Emily Henderson's I'm a Giant Dollhouse Challenge and have been seriously getting after it on some dollhouse building. I'm planning on an update tomorrow so get ready to be amazed.

In the meantime, let me show you some of the photos I've been drooling over while playing the "if I had a million dollars" fantasy game. It's the perfect game for designing a dollhouse and one I can't seem to stop playing. Not even to craft. I KNOW.

a clawfoot tub and custom chandy for the bath

an open kitchen for someone else to cook in

vintage Saarinen tulip chairs

custom factory window and stone shower

a library

these chairs

this pool


  1. Ok, when I first read this I was convinced the first photo was a dollhouse photo. I was blown away!!!! Hmm...maybe we could find teeny tiny chandeliers. I know what you mean about the dollhouse. It's sooooo expensive. I'm in the stage where I need to actually decorate/accessorize vs. paint/wallpaper and I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on some of these prices. Ugh.

  2. I wish that was my dollhouse! I'm actually planning to build/construct majority of... well... everything to keep costs down. Double ugh.

  3. I like your vision a lot. I'm trying to make a mini claw foot bath out of fimo. I'm going to have to try a LOT harder!

  4. Thanks Max, I'm thinking about using that crafting clay to make one. Maybe the kind you bake? Let me know how the fimo works out!