Tuesday, October 25, 2011

when in doubt, paper drawers.

I am on an organizing mission I'll-tell-you-what. Ok, maybe it's more like a container makeover mission with small spurts of organizing to make me feel better about myself. I mean, I got my beads organized right?

Taking inspiration from my now bead organizer, I decided my other set of small drawers could use a little loving. In the form of scrapbooking paper.

Going back to my workspace rant from yesterday, I knew I wanted yellow to accommodate compliment the kitchen tile and blue to blend in with the living room and (almost forgot) newly upholstered bench. Then, since apparently I'm into the whole pattern on pattern thing (see my bedroom and bathroom), I thought I could use a little in this space as well.

So I took a look around the room to see what I could update. Behold, the infamous Ikea drawer set.

I'd painted it white, beige and black while on a bit of a neutral kick so it was definitely due for a makeover. I headed over to Michaels and picked up some scrapbooking paper. I wasn't terribly impressed with their collection but I think I found some paper that worked.

Then, the rest was easy. I quickly traced around each drawer and cut out the shapes. Totally moron-proof, right? WRONG.

Mental note: patterns do not look the same when traced from all angles. D'oh!

After getting all the cut-outs right, I made my little glue shapes and blended them all around the entire drawer surface. For those that didn't know, glue shapes are similar to ketchup and/or mustard shapes you create while adding the toppings to your hamburger. For those that don't know what a ketchup and/or mustard shape is, this blog may not be for you.

Here's 1) my favorite glue shape and 2) the glue shape smeared all over the drawer surface.

From there, it was time to afix and dry. I used the old heavy-book-overnight-method to keep the paper from curling off and the rest was history. A simple, graphic update to add some punch to a workspace.

all photos courtesy of yours truly.


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