Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bedroom tweaks.

It's the little things in life that make me so, so, so happy. Like new curtains. And curtain rods. And a new dust ruffle! Here are some pictures of my bedroom showing off these new little details (all from Ikea) that make me adore this space even more. 

I got two new curtain rods from Ikea for the living room, moving the more delicate (read: flimsy) ones in the bedroom. I already had a set of these HENNY RAND curtains (previously in the living room) so I picked up another pair along with a more tailored dust ruffle to complete the look. I still need to hem the second pair but I'm happy with the outcome so far. Per usual, I took these at night so please excuse the darkness.
[balance a bright, busy pattern with more neutral geometric
ones to keep the bedroom feeling tranquil]

[layer different textures like velvet, fur and microfiber to
add depth and richness to a bed set]

[experiment with unconventional headboard displays or not having one at all]

[mix clunky, chunky furniture with more sleek and delicate accessories to
keep the space feeling balanced]

[opt for a more modern photo arrangement featuring family, friends and travel highlights]
[ground the bed with a bench, trunk or small chesterfield depending on its position in the space]

[incorporate bright pops of color to keep the space feeling modern]
[choose dressing furniture vs. accessories in accent colors]

[choose tailored bed accessories to keep the space stream lined and sleek looking]

[be conscious of texture when pairing accessories for display]
[layer ceramic with pattern and/or rougher materials to create a complete look]

[choose curtains that help frame wall displays and compliment vs. overpowering them]

[soo proud of my thrift store finds: shelves from ebay, plate from goodwill
nightstand from craigslist, lamp from vintage market and thrift]

[an off-centered pillow arrangement allows for a more relaxed feel]

[good organization framed by a large photograph help create an accessories area]

[continue the color scheme and mix of patterns throughout the entire space]

[some extra photos of ruby so she could feel included]

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  1. What a gorgeous room! Am loving looking through your past projects.