Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a plethora of diy costume ideas.

First, thank you Knock off Decor for featuring my jewelry holder!

Second, I'm changing it up today. I was originally planning to show you this fab new use for my beloved jewelry box. I busted out my paints and brushes late last night after volleyball (lost 2, won 1) and got right down to business. Needless to say, I'm not 100% sold on the outcome and need to push the unveiling off a couple days so I can get it right. Waah, waah.

So instead, let's talk Halloween costumes. I know, such a smooth transition of topics, right? Don't get me wrong, I was planning on offering up some ideas, just not today. Actually, nothing I planned for this week has come out as expected. It drives me nuts when things start getting off track. Very uptight of me, I know.

Speaking of being uptight, I've never been a fan of the slutty Halloween costume. I was a slutty rabbit once in college and it was an absolute disaster.
  1. I was so cold it looked like I was convulsing vs. shivering (very attractive, I know)
  2. I ended up looking more like a ragged, balding, famished bunny instead of the adorable, cute and cuddly version I was shooting for (again, SUPER attractive)
  3. I ended up stealing a friend's hoodie to put over my "outfit" because it was freezing, taking off my bunny ears because they gave me a headache and wiping off my little bunny nose because of how many times I needed to blow it (an absolutely stunning sight, I'm sure)
I should pause and mention that I pass no judgement on those that love a good slutty Halloween costume. If you can pull it all together and make something adorable - by all means, go for it. I just happen to be incapable of making it work and am therefore forced to go another direction.

Like Spiderman, a fat tourist or workout Skipper. nbd.

Regardless, DIY costumes are by far the best kind of costumes you can have. Whether it's collected via thrift stores, made out of felt or borrowed from your mom, these types of costumes scream originality, charisma and fearlessness. Here are some of the faves I've found to date on pinterest.

And no, I'm not sharing my actual costume idea. You'll have to wait until the big day to see, folks.

NOTE: Most of these are kid's costumes that you could put a fantastic twist on to make more adult-friendly. People just seem to have more fun dressing up their little ones instead of themselves I guess.

Happy crafting!

[roy lichtenstein pop art: a yellow wig, lots 'o face paint and 80's gear from a thrift store]

[a lamb: white hoodie, black leggings and cotton balls. get someone to be mary!]

[owl: turtleneck, felt "feathers" and a bird mask]

[bee hive: you can really play up you're hair for this one!]

[bowl of spaghetti: yarn, plaid table cloth and some sort of giant bowl]

[octopus: tube socks, stuffing, a thermal and stocking cap]

[bob ross: my friend did this one year. get an afro, some happy clouds and you're all set]

[paper doll: cardboard and paint]

[goose: cardboard, aviators and a sweet satin jacket]

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