Thursday, September 15, 2011

Picture perfect work spaces.

Aside from a few odds, ends and a couple of big ticket items (hello flat screen TV), I have my bedroom and bathroom pretty much wrapped up and nailed down. So what's next you might ask? My make-shift craft/work area! In this work space / home office / whatever you want to call it, I'm looking for somewhere to:
  • complete projects/crafts (read: large workspace)
  • hang inspiration pictures, moodboards and other random finds
  • store all my crafting gear
  • store Lois, my grandma's old sewing machine
Since I'm limited to a small, narrow breakfast nook, I'm going to have to get creative with the spacing challenges and furniture arrangement. And, since it's also kind of part of the kitchen, I want to figure out a way to separate the two spaces since they will be serving such different purposes. As of right now, I'm too embarrassed to take any before pictures (my place is A MESS) so I'll offer up some inspiration pics I've been storing to help pull the space together.

(clipboard idea organization method and tons o' drawers underneath)

(color palette and inspiration board)
(faux cow hide seat cover and make-shift desk)

(rug and fabric chair)

(corner shelving)

(LOVE the bright red desk and turquoise cabinets underneath)

(awesome idea to use a vintage bed frame as an inspiration board)

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