Friday, September 16, 2011

Cozy cardigan goodness.

I love fashion almost as much as interior design. No, I'm lying. The love distribution is probably more 50/50. So to give a little shout out to my other styling crush, I'm kicking off each weekend with a little bit of wardrobe talk.

This week: the cardigan. LOVE me a good cardigan.

First off, let's all take a minute to reflect on the evolution of the cardigan. The way it separated itself away from the sweater set was huge. And the expanding past cable knit and varsity letters has improved this staple by leaps and bounds.

That said, one of the greatest things about a cardi is it's flexibility. It has the ability to add a layer of texture, color or pattern to any outfit while creating depth and dimension. It also can either dress up or dress down an outfit depending on your goal. Wool, cotton, cashmere or jersey, here are some great ideas for incorporating more of this little gem into your wardrobe lineup.

[try pairing with a floral dress or bright red or blue cropped jeans]

[tuck into a pencil skirt or pair with a colored calf-grazing pleated skirt]

[pair with boyfriend jeans and some mustard flats]

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  1. I am no fashionista but I do love that Go Cat Go cardigan. Maybe it's because of its name.