Friday, August 19, 2011

Progress update on my bedroom.

My bedroom is almost complete so I thought I'd post some pictures to show the progress to-date, along with a nice and LITTLE to-do list for the remaining odds and ends. The two things I'm already well aware of? Yes, Ruby is in every picture (couldn't get her to move, the ham) and yes, the photos aren't great. One of these days I'm going to have my BFF Michelle either show me how to take pictures or just have her take them all for me (lol) so you guys can actually see what you're looking at.

So sorry in advance for the poor quality. But who really cares, right? It's Friday!

I restained my childhood dresser (DIY coming later) and featured some simple accessories help tie the white mirror into the composition. I am absolutely obsessed with the way this all came together and am trying to use this as the standard for mixing old and new things throughout the rest of my room.

This is the area that still needs some work. Still wondering about the curtains and the headboard wall. I like the dark curtains because they refuse to let any morning light into my room but think I need a darker brown to match the bed pillow and dark stained furniture. I also think I'm going to remove my most favoritest picture and try to find a spot for it elsewhere (sigh).

I LOVE my wall of pictures. It's a montage of empty frames, family, friends and places I've been - mostly in white. I kept a few (literally, three) frames their original color because I love them that way, but may just bite the bullet and paint white to match everything.

Hi, Ruby.

Another shot of the to-do area but with the cute dresser included. I'm planning on getting a RENS rug for some added texture and visual interest. And notice the "new" yellow nightstand? It gave the room a much needed dose of color and I hope to have a post on that DIY project later next week.

And then there's this. The gross closet wall. So gross I didn't even want to show you. As you can see, I have a huge box of a TV that will eventually be replaced with a cute little flat screen one to take away some of the bulk. I've also sprayed the necklace rack yellow, matching the nightstand, to give the wall some kick. But it's still pretty blah and is in desperate need of some life.

So what does the to-do list look like?
  • replace curtain rods with ones in the living room (get new rods for living room)
  • get new curtains (must block out any and all morning sun)
  • get one (may two) RENS rugs for in front of dresser and maybe closet
  • remove picture from above headboard (and maybe put on closet wall by jewelry corner?)
  • must get flat screen TV (and rid of those bunny ears!)
  • get white full length mirror for picture wall (replace black one)
  • accessorize/brighten closet wall (plan tbd)


  1. I love it so much!!! Also, I have the same boxy TV as you in my bedroom. I sneakily crop it out of any picture I take. My dream is to get a white flat panel but TV's aren't nearly as fun as curtains, rugs, etc. Also, I'm putting Deon Sander to work this weekend!

  2. Yes, a white flat screen would be incredible. And the broken bunny ears don't exactly do anything for the TV (poor guy). I agree on the accessories - plus, if you find the right sale, they can provide an on-demand gratification that spending months saving up for a TV just can't do!

    Send Deon my love and make sure he behaves! Can't wait to see the remix on the fireplace.