Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet the app-credible Easy Note.

WARNING: I am going to get really nerdy on this post. Those too cool for school, please proceed with caution. For those that love making lists as much as I do (obsession mentioned here, here, here and here) kick back and prepare for your mind to be blown.


There is a FREE app out there, Easy Note, where you can make multiple lists and keep them in one place.

Wait, there's more.

You can color code the folders, add deadlines and even include notes or pictures for reference. I mean, my heart literally skipped a beat when I stumbled across this in the App Store. Here's a list of features - all narrated by me as if experiencing it for the first time - just in case you aren't quite sold on how incredible this app yet.

Here it is on my main screen.
And look, it shows I have 9 to-dos today!

Then I can check to see from WHICH LIST the to-dos are in ,
showing in red are the ones that are due (or overdue) as of today.

What's that? I can assign a folder A COLOR?!?!
Don't mind if I do.

So let me just view my to-dos by folder...

OR by all to-dos. nbd.
[note: please stop judging the amount of overdue to-dos I have]

Oh, I need to add another to-do?
Let me just jot down some notes, give it a priority
AND a deadline that I will (apparently) later break.

Still need more reference?
No problem, let me just ADD A PHOTO.

Wow, what. a. rush.

Again, my apologies for the exuberant amount of nerdiness that came out with this post. But as you can see by the amazing capabilities, I couldn't help myself. Now, go! Download it!

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