Friday, July 29, 2011

The cutest DIY jewelry holder. Ever.

I have been one little crafty lady these days I'lltellyouwhat. Thankfully, I've got my fellow craftastic friend, Jen, who happens to get equally excited about making random things out of even more random materials as I do. And I think this craft (aside from the farm and zoo animals made for Nora and Xavi, shown here) is probably the cutest one we've done to date. See how cute it is?

So, I'll start from the beginning.

Last weekend, Jen and I went on a thrifting extravaganza. We headed to Loveland, home of my favorite two thrift stores - Vintage Market and Thrift and Goodwill. While at Vintage Market and Thrift, we came across the most adorable porcelain candlestick holders ($8.25 for the set, btw) and then it hit me - let's make jewelry holders! Immediately, Jen was in.

After finding a multitude of little teacup saucers and another set of porcelain candlestick holders, we paid the $17 total (yes, total) and got to work on our two jewelry holders.

I know what you're thinking - you want one too, right?! Well super easy step-by-step so you can make your very own.

Step One: Scour the world for candlestick holders and plates.
The trick to choosing the right plates? Stick to one style and find a commonality. You'll notice Jen's all have a gold trim along the outer part of the plate and mine (naturally) are mostly - if not all - white.

If you are more of a modern gal, check out the sale racks at places like Pier1 or even Target.

Try and get plates that differ slightly in size, too. The larger plate at the bottom and then gradually getting smaller as you make your way up to the top. This just balances out the holder and adds another layer of consistency.

(A shot of the inspirational candlestick. And yes, that is a Smurf glass in the background)

Step Two: Get your supplies and prep for attachment.
Once you've found your materials, head to your local hardware store (mine's an Ace) and pick up some silicone glue that works on china or porcelain.

Then, thoroughly clean all your plates - getting rid of any residue - and you're ready to get started!

Step Three: Attach the plates to candlestick holders.
Start at the bottom and work your way to the top, waiting 10-15 minutes in between layers so the glue can set. We placed books and a handy-dandy Hunt's tomato can on top to apply weight and encourage fixation.

NOTE: Be sure to cap or at least cover your silicone glue top. We made the mistake of leaving the container open for a while while working on another craft project (more on that later) and the stuff started drying closed.

After all layers are glued, wait for at least an hour (or whatever the directions say) for the glue to completely dry. Then, presto! An adorable, handmade jewelry holder.


  1. These turned out great! Well done on finding everything so cheap :)

  2. I adore this! I've seen expensive versions here and there and longingly wished I could own it. DIY to the rescue!

  3. Thanks Breanna,
    The hardest part was picking out the plates! I actually have a friend who's looking to assemble the same thing only can't decide on a color scheme for it. Good luck and thanks again for the kind words.


  4. Hi, I really appreciate your projects, you are a real artist.