Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The inspiration-less space.

With the bedroom makeover at a halt, I've decided to move onto the bathroom - one of my least favorite spaces in my apartment. It's outdated, light pink and sea foam green. While, it can't get any worse, I'm having the worst time coming up with ideas for how to make it better. I mean, is it possible?

So far, I've tried to accent with all white, balance out the tile with antique accessories and, most recently, add some modern accents to counteract with the outdated fixtures. All of which didn't quite hit the mark and still show some sign of existence in the decor I've captured today.

All in all, the major problem I am still stuck with and will continue to be is that I need to decorate around some pretty tough challenges. Mainly the inability to paint, re-tile or refinish the vanity. Also, I have not been able to find any inspirational bathrooms and am without any resemblance of an idea of what to do to improve.

So the search continues... but wanted to provide an update on what I am working through to date.

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